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What are Chakras
Living Foods
Living Foods
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Living Foods
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Quote for today

Life is an Echo
What you send out - comes back
What you sow -  you reap
What you give  -  you get
What you see in others  -  exists in you

Your life is an echo
It always get's back to you

Reiki at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fair in Shrewsbury

I am looking forward to meeting people at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fair in Shrewsbury, at the Lord Hill Hotel on the 14th April 2013.  I have the Reiki stand and will be doing 20 minute Reiki tasters. If you are in the area please come and say hello. 

What are Chakras

Chakras are energy vortexes in our bodies, bringing it to life, and keeping it healthy. Each chakra is associated with different parts of the body and they need to spin totally in balance for us to feel good.
The chakras are wheels of light located all over our body.  We have thousands of them in our body but the seven major ones are located along our spine from its base to the crown of the head. Each chakra is represented by a colour of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.


As running water smoothes the jagged edges of a rock until it is small enough to roll away, Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki restores balance in one's life.   Reiki supports all forms of treatment both orthodox and complementary.

Living Foods

All my seeds have arrived.  Today I am going to plant buck wheat and sunflower seeds.  To do this I will be half filling the gravel trays with peat free compost and making it damp before laying hand fulls of seed on top.  I will place upturned gravel trays over the top and will leave them for about 4 days on the kitchen window sill.  I will post photos before I harvest them. 

Living Foods

I recently completed a three day 'Living Foods' course with Elaine Bruce at Living Foods UK, wow, learnt so much and met great people. 

In my opinion these are things that we should all be taught in school.  If we had been taught about living foods at a young age we would all be healthier.

Having said that I want to say, today is the beginning of the rest of our lives and I am intending to incorporate living foods in our diets.  You may be wondering what living foods are, well it is basically eating everything while it is still alive, in other words not using heat at temperatures higher than 40 degrees.

Just for today

Just for today
I will not worry, I will not anger, I will be humble, I will be kind to all living things, I will be honest in my work.  Have to say that I love these Reiki
principles and do my best to live by them.

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